Think Digital Health was created as a passion project by Christy Cheung.


When she was a pharmacy student, she read about a healthcare hackathon hosted at the University of British Columbia. Without any prior understanding of how a hackathon could possibly involve anything beyond computer science, let alone healthcare, she decided to apply for the competition. The weekend became this unforgettable and eye-opening experience, during which entrepreneurs, designers, clinicians, computer scientists, and engineers all came together to develop solutions to existing healthcare challenges. This event was the very catalyst that gave rise to her interest in digital health. 

She became fascinated by this emerging movement of Digital Health. She saw the promise in leveraging technology to enhance patient care and she sought to understand what she could do to learn more. Through conversations with her peers, mentors, and strangers-turned-friends, she found a small, yet, dedicated community of pharmacists and healthcare professionals with similar passions as she. 


Christy is now a pharmacist, completing an Industrial Fellowship at Sanofi Genzyme Canada. The intersection between healthcare and technology is something she hopes to continue exploring, and it is through this blog that she does so. From reading articles online to connecting with individuals rooted in the field, she felt that this blog was the best way for her to consolidate and reinforce her learning. 

If you have any feedback or comments, or you share a similar drive and simply want to connect, please feel free to reach out and get in touch.

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